Valentina Z.

Valentina Z.

About Valentina Z.


Algebra, Calculus, Spanish


Bachelors in Mathematics, General from Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Career Experience

I have tutored and helped a lot of students in areas like math and foreign language (English to people who speak Spanish). I have also taught Spanish to some English-speaking people. This experience has been informal.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love sharing my knowledge and helping people to understand what I already know. I believe that with enough patience everybody can learn anything they want.

Other Interests

Air sports, Amateur astronomy, Basketball, Book collecting, Chess, Climbing, Computer programming, Cooking, Creative writing, Crocheting, Cycling, Driving, Flying, Foreign language learning, Gaming, Hiking, Kart racing, Lego Building, Origami, Paintball, Photography, Reading, Singing, Skydiving, Stand-Up Comedy, Swimming, Table football, Table tennis, Tennis, Traveling, Writing

Reviews (1,218)


Math - Calculus

Jul 27, 2018
great help


Math - Calculus

Jul 27, 2018
I am happy the tutor just didnt just answer the questions but had me answer and then made sure I remembered the reasons why. Wow! impressed!!


Math - Algebra

Jul 6, 2018
She was super sweet and nice


Math - Linear Algebra

Jun 30, 2018
Good LORD This is quite a commodity! WHAT A GIFT! 24/7??? AMAzing!!

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