Tyler H.

Tyler H.

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Essay Writing


Bachelors in Psychology, General from University of Nevada-Reno

Career Experience

My experiences most relevant to tutoring have been my college coursework, mentoring families and children, and teaching preschool children. These employment opportunities have taught me that communication is key, teaching is not giving the answer away, and working hard to find knowledge can be rewarding.

I Love Tutoring Because

it allows me to assist others with what I have learned through school or experience. I also learn through tutoring because I fine-tune my knowledge base as I work with people. Tutoring also gives me the opportunity to assist people who actively desire someone to come in and help them.

Other Interests

American football, Auto racing, Cooking, Drinking Coffee, Driving, Fishing, Gaming, Motor sports, Mountain biking, Video Gaming

Reviews (75)


Async - English - Essay Writing

Jan 24, 2018
Really helped me to see what I did and how I could fix it.


Async - English - Essay Writing

Jan 2, 2018
I would have liked more critical feedback, not just what I did well.


English - Essay Writing

Dec 11, 2017
This is pretty lit helps out a lot


English - Essay Writing

Dec 8, 2017