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Todd B.

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Bachelors in Statistics, General from Washington University in St Louis

Career Experience

Algebra, elementary math, and AP high school and college statistics are my expertise! I took the tough classes in college and fully understand how the material can be very confusing and tough to grasp! I can help you with AP stats, business stats, and college level statistics courses. We will go over your assignment, do some similar examples and help you get ready for your quiz, test, or complete your homework problem sets! Taking the time to review the problems, using pictures, diagrams, and visuals will help you see exactly what the questions are asking!

I Love Tutoring Because

it's a fun interaction to make new friends while taking difficult subject matter and making it easy to understand! Classroom settings don't always make the concepts clear; we will sit down and go over the material until the light bulb goes on! Sometimes the classroom teacher doesn't fully explain the concepts due to time constraints...that's where we will sit down and go over the problems in detail. I enjoy meeting with students in a one-on-one setting to be able to tackle your confusions and stumbling blocks, and we will climb that mountain together until you fully understand the concepts!

Other Interests

Basketball, Football, Golfing

Reviews (1,660)


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Jul 21, 2019
Awesome tutor


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Jul 21, 2019
This tutor was very helpful, he knows thoroughly understands the material.


Math - Statistics

Jul 20, 2019
I cannot connect with a tutor that can help me in Accounting.


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Jul 19, 2019
I have a very hard time learning and he was very helpful! And it's nice that they're available most hours.

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