Peter D.

Peter D.

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German, MS Word


Bachelors in Mathematics, General from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

Masters in Physics, General from Washington University in St Louis

PHD in Physics, General from Washington University in St Louis

Career Experience

I have about six years of part-time tutoring experience in math, science, and computer science. As an adjunct professor in physics, I taught four semesters part-time or full-time, including one semester of math. In industry, I have about six years of experience as a software engineer or programmer. Prior to this, I have done research in cardiology in heart rate variability for about twelve years. I also completed a postdoc in theoretical physics in Germany. I am an author or coauthor of about 80 refereed journal articles, abstracts, or presentations.

I Love Tutoring Because

it gives me the opportunity to help others with their education, which has been a major focus for myself. I am excited when I can perceive correctly another's educational needs and fulfill them effectively and efficiently through tutoring. I also like to share what I have learned throughout my life of studying, working, and researching.

Other Interests

Programming, Writing

Reviews (123)


Technology - MS Word

Mar 1, 2018
The quick and easy access is very helpful. I really appreciate it.


Technology - MS Word

Feb 4, 2018
Had an issue with Microsoft word. Spell check wouldn't work and the tutor realized the teacher had locked his assignment and had spell check off.


Technology - MS Word

Jan 11, 2018
Just wish it was like face time as well, soemetimes I can't convey through text vs the face to face


Technology - MS Word

Nov 7, 2017
tutor was not familiar with access