Mark L.

Mark L.

About Mark L.


Algebra, Trigonometry


Bachelors in Business Administration and Management, General from York University

Masters in Secondary Education and Teaching from Medaille College

Career Experience

I have my Honours Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Education. I currently teach at a school that focuses on contest preparation and curriculum acceleration for high achieving students!

I Love Tutoring Because

I have always enjoyed math for its precision and the high level thinking skills I feel it provides. I know how frustrating this subject can be for many, and I really enjoy breaking it into pieces that can be easily absorbed and understood.

Other Interests

Billiards, Chess, Drinking Coffee, Ice hockey, Ping Pong, Running, Skiing, Soccer, Video Gaming

Reviews (539)


Math - Trigonometry

Jan 10, 2018
excellent tutor, great session. thank you.


Math - Trigonometry

Dec 20, 2017
Frustrating problem due to bad math habits. This tutor helped me fix my bad habit. Thank you.


Math - Trigonometry

Dec 4, 2017
I just really like this program!!!!!


Math - Trigonometry

Nov 30, 2017
Communication was confusing when typing on chat.