Luisa G.

Luisa G.

About Luisa G.


Calculus, Calculus BC, Statistics


Bachelors in Accounting from Universidad de Antioquia

Career Experience

I am a recently graduated accountant passionate about teaching. I have experience teaching in many subjects like calculus and accounting.

I Love Tutoring Because

it's a nice opportunity to communicate what I have learned in the past years, and because teaching is one of the basics of our society.

Other Interests

Cycling, Tennis, Watching Movies

Reviews (65)


Math - Quantitative Reasoning

Mar 22, 2018
Very helful


Math - Quantitative Reasoning

Mar 17, 2018
Great help. explained everything well and clearly.


Math - Intermediate Statistics

Dec 13, 2017
The instructor helped me remember.


Math - Calculus BC

Nov 12, 2017
I felt that this tutor wasn't really focused on me. There were very long time periods between responses, and there were many times where I was just sitting there waiting for the tutor to respond, and it did not show that she was typing or drawing or anything. I mean, if she was actually working on the problem, she could've atleast let me know. It was pretty frustrating knowing that I'm paying for this tutor time, and yet, it felt like a large portion of it was just sitting waiting for the tutor to return her attention back to me.

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