Kayla K.

Kayla K.

About Kayla K.


Algebra, Geometry, Math, Mid-Level Math


Bachelors in Meteorology from University of North Carolina at Asheville

Career Experience

I have been tutoring and teaching high school maths since 2012, and I was an atmospheric science research assistant throughout my college career as well.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love helping others understand the subjects that I'm passionate about!

Other Interests

Drinking Coffee, Meteorology, Photography, Reading

Reviews (112)


Math - Mid-Level (Grades 7-8)

Feb 28, 2018
it helped me soooooooooo much


Math - Geometry

Feb 14, 2018
Absolutely phenomenal tutor!! explains everything so well and helps you see the answer, without giving it away!


Math - Geometry

Jan 22, 2018
I understood what I was doing much better with her help :)


Math - Algebra

Jan 21, 2018
My tutor was amazing!