Josh W.

Josh W.

About Josh W.


English, Essay Writing


Bachelors in Writing, General from Geneva College

Career Experience

I have taught English in Japan, edited a newspaper and tutored college students.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love to see people get that "ah-ha!" moment.

Other Interests

Creative writing, Painting, Video Gaming, Weightlifting

Reviews (77)


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jan 7, 2018
Josh W really helped me with my paper. Not only did he point out my mistakes, he also suggested alternatives and explained why.


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jan 5, 2018
You are awesome. Thank you so much for all detailed corrections. This helps me learned a lot.



Jan 4, 2018


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Dec 10, 2017
I lost connection with my tutor during the session and it wouldn't reconnect. This has happened to me before. This is my only downfall with the internet losing connection in the middle of a session.