Jerald B.

Jerald B.

About Jerald B.


Algebra, Algebra 2, Physics


Bachelors in Engineering, General from Purdue University-Main Campus

Bachelors in Physics, General from Purdue University-Calumet Campus

Career Experience

After I graduated from college, I learned about and joined the service in December of 2011 to help supplement my income as I searched for a job. Incidentally, my time spent teaching mathematics and physics rekindled my passion for learning, eventually leading me to pursue a physics education and to tutor students from local schools.

I Love Tutoring Because

it has given me an appreciation for teaching and helped me defined a new direction in life. I genuinely love teaching students and always feel great satisfaction when a student offers me gratitude for helping them, even if I am not the best at expressing it. My time tutoring also gave me the time to reassess what I wanted to do with my life and pointed me in a new direction, becoming an expert in physics.

Other Interests

Amateur astronomy, Computer programming, Cooking, Foreign language learning, Gaming, Model Building, Reading, Video Gaming, Web surfing

Reviews (2,121)


Math - Algebra

Mar 8, 2019
This is one of the best services offered to me as an employee! You guys are helping me pass my college algebra class!


Math - Algebra II

Jan 6, 2019
I love this.


Math - Algebra II

Dec 7, 2018
This Tudor helped me greatly. Has really good subject matter knowledge to take my confusion and iron it out. And very nice too.


Math - Algebra II

Nov 11, 2018
This was a huge help! THank you!