Hayden V.

Hayden V.

About Hayden V.


Algebra, Calculus, Math, Mid-Level Math


Bachelors in Mathematics, General from University of Prince Edward Island

Masters in Mathematics, General from University of Prince Edward Island

Career Experience

The first step of my career was earning a B.Sc. (honours math), during which time I began tutoring high school and university math (and sometimes physics). Alongside tutoring I worked as a student grader, and also as a summer research assistant (researching about matrix multiplication using computers). Now I'm working towards a M.Sc. (math), and hope afterwards to earn a degree in education so that I may continue being involved in education! During my time as a M.Sc. candidate I have continued tutoring and grading, and have substitute-lectured calculus and finite mathematics.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love when people overcome their problems and build confidence. Being involved in someone's success is a privilege and I always find it rewarding.

Other Interests

Digital arts, Reading, Web surfing

Reviews (256)


Math - Elementary (Grades 4-6)

Dec 3, 2018
love it


Math - Mid-Level (Grades 7-8)

Nov 12, 2018
it was really good i hope i get him every time


Math - Calculus

Nov 11, 2018
Third tutor. really helped me


Math - Mid-Level (Grades 7-8)

Nov 8, 2018
this was a lot of help.
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