Evgeny D.

Evgeny D.

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Algebra, Calculus, Pre-Calculus

Career Experience

Started teaching and investigation after graduation in 1993.Worked in different universities lecturing virtually all math subjects and many computational subjects. Participated in programs for preparing pupils to enter the university. Broad personal tutor experience.

I Love Tutoring Because

...I love to share knowledge and experience. Instead of ordinary lecturing, I am teaching, trying to explain so the student can follow how it goes. My experience shows that some math activities allow not just to train, but to develop an organized process of thinking. Thus I always loved simplification of expressions, trigonometry, numerical methods, modelling. Especially efficient are things related with real-life applications. In programming, the best option is a development of efficient algorithms and code optimization.

Other Interests

Fishkeeping, Programming, Reading, Swimming

Reviews (98)


Math - Pre-Calculus

Jan 17, 2018
to over the top of my head


Math - Pre-Calculus

Jan 16, 2018
got disconnected, i saved the tutor and reconnected, we picked up right where we left off. good attention to detail and offering one-track explanations for less confusion.


Math - Algebra

Jan 12, 2018
In the drawing space there should be an option to insert tables and type in them, it could make things faster and easier


Math - Algebra

Jan 10, 2018