Emilia B.

Emilia B.

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Biology, Chemistry, Physics


Universidad Nacional de Rosario

Career Experience

I'm a 22-year-old biotechnology student. I am currently doing an internship in a laboratory belonging to a group of scientists who conduct research on hepatocellular carcinoma. I work with tumoral cell lines and cell cultures, and I also work with biochemistry and molecular biology techniques such as western blot or real-time PCR. I was also an assistant professor in biology for two years. I used to prepare what was necessary for the lab practices (e.g: solutions, bacterial stainings, etc.), and I would also help the students out while they performed the lab activities.

I Love Tutoring Because

being a college student myself, I really empathize with other students. I know first hand how stressing it is to have a heavy workload to do and tight deadlines to meet. I've lost count of all the times I stayed up until 2 or 3 AM to study for a test, usually many nights in a row. I am aware of how hard the student life is, and I want to help students to overcome this situation in the best possible way. Also, I am truly passionate about science, and my ultimate goal is to spread the love for science to other people.

Other Interests

Foreign language learning, Gymnastics, Reading, Soccer, Traveling

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Science - Chemistry

Jul 21, 2019
very helpful!


Science - Physics - Algebra-Based

Jun 16, 2019
This service is amazing! It has really helped me to understand the problems on the homework, which further help me in the examinations and in lab. This last tutor was especially helpful! She is pedagogically one of the best I've had help me thus far!


Science - Chemistry

Apr 17, 2019
My tutor was very helpful


Science - Chemistry

Jan 22, 2019
I am grateful to be able to use this platform.