Doug H.

Doug H.

About Doug H.


Calculus, Calculus BC, Discrete Mathematics, Finite Mathematics, Physics, Pre-Calculus


Bachelors in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University

Career Experience

I am a career software engineer and manager, having worked for several household name companies as well as successful startups. I have seen firsthand how having the right educational foundation prepares people for career success.

I Love Tutoring Because

I think we've all had those days where something didn't make sense...until it did! I love to help students achieve that "aha!" moment, whether by identifying practical examples of theoretical concepts, or deriving the formulas behind collections of empirical events.

Other Interests

American football, Baseball, Cycling, Photography, Traveling

Reviews (1,625)


Technology - Computer Science - Database Systems

Aug 16, 2018
Bless this tutor, he tried really hard for me. You need a tutor for Access under MS Office. He says they are not required to know how to format Access reports, but he gave it his best shot anyway. He fixed my problem, I just can't get Access to do what he did.


Math - Pre-Calculus

Aug 6, 2018
I was provided with help. I now feel much more knowledgeable to these type of math questions


Math - Pre-Calculus

Aug 4, 2018
I encountered a problem I have never solved. A tutor, however, was able to assist me to solve the problem.


Math - Pre-Calculus

Jul 30, 2018
I've tried using your tutors multiple times and usually they give me the wrong answer, but this guy was raelly good and made everthing clear

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