Dan D.

Dan D.

About Dan D.




Bachelors in Accounting from Wayne State University

Masters in Taxation from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration

Career Experience

I've worked in the tax department at a large corporation, a large law firm and an accounting firm.

I Love Tutoring Because

It helps students to better understand difficult subjects.

Other Interests

Book collecting

Reviews (391)


Business - Introductory Accounting

Jan 9, 2018
First time I used this service, found it very helpful !


Business - Introductory Accounting

Jan 8, 2018
The answers are not given they are provided in a working solution. I appreciate the challenge of how to arrive to the answer with guidance.


Business - Introductory Accounting

Dec 7, 2017


Business - Introductory Accounting

Dec 6, 2017
I was stressing out huge about my accountings class. But my tutor showed me a different way that my teacher has and he really helped me understand on a different level.