Christina S.

Christina S.

About Christina S.


Essay Writing


Bachelors in History, General from University of California-Merced

Career Experience

I've tutored people from age 5 on up in many different subjects since I was 18! I have a degree in history, and I've done a lot of coursework in English and writing as well. I currently tutor, write, and edit. My work has been published online and in print. I'm also in school to become a midwife!

I Love Tutoring Because

I really enjoy working with individuals and helping leverage their knowledge to optimize their work! It's really fun to watch people grow and realize their own potential.

Other Interests

Drawing, Hiking, Reading, Sewing

Reviews (304)


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jul 14, 2019
My tutor was amazing.


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Dec 8, 2018
Thank you for returning reviewed document in a very timely manner. I appreciate for providing clear and specific suggestions. I enjoyed your reviewed work, which was a great learning experience today for me. Thank you very much!


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Dec 2, 2018


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Dec 1, 2018
No, this was very helpful! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my paper and give me great feedback!

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