Amy W.

Amy W.

About Amy W.


English, ESL, Essay Writing


Bachelors in English Language and Literature, General from Drury University

Masters in Writing, General from Missouri State University-Springfield

Career Experience

For my day job, I teach composition at a community college.

I Love Tutoring Because

I like working with students at all different levels. Getting to work with individual students helps me see many different learning styles up close, so I'm constantly improving my teaching skills.

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Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jul 26, 2019
In previous sessions, the tutor has given me specific corrections that are pertain directly to the sentence highlighted. General statements with referrals to online references provide little to no help.


English - ESL

Jul 26, 2019
needs more time with the tutor.


Async - English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jul 19, 2019
Thanks for all your recomendations.


English - Essay Writing - College Level

Jul 9, 2019
Amy W. was really helpful and made me understand more. She didn't just do my work for me.