Alexander M.

Alexander M.

About Alexander M.


Algebra, Calculus, Finite Mathematics


Bachelors in Mathematics, General from Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Career Experience

I am interested in applied mathematics, particularly when applied to medicine and biology. I have a degree in pure mathematics. At this moment, I am studying both medicine and a master degree in mathematics.

I Love Tutoring Because

teaching is my passion. I like to help others to understand how mathematics works.

Other Interests

Auto racing, Cycling, Microscopy, Table tennis

Reviews (200)


Math - Algebra

Dec 20, 2017
First time user, so glad I did. I was really unsure about how to work out a math problem. Seems I only needed someone to walk through it with me. Great Service!


Math - Algebra

Nov 16, 2017


Math - Calculus

Oct 1, 2017
nice, retaught me chain rule


Math - Finite Mathematics

Sep 30, 2017
Great job!! wonderful tutor!!!