Aaron R.

Aaron R.

About Aaron R.


Calculus, Calculus BC, Pre-Calculus


Bachelors in Chemical Engineering from Universidad de Guanajuato

Career Experience

Ph.D. student in applied mathematics. Two years of experience as a calculus teacher. Expertise in numerical analysis, chemistry and physics related problems.

I Love Tutoring Because

I love that moment when people say 'aha' while solving a problem.

Other Interests

Drinking Coffee, Reading, Running, Video Gaming

Reviews (353)


Math - Pre-Calculus

Dec 24, 2017
Aaron asked me the right questions and assured me the way I was doing it was going to work. Very very helpful when you're complicating it in your head.


Math - Calculus

Dec 15, 2017
Better tutor than my teacher


Math - Pre-Calculus

Nov 21, 2017
I really liked this guy. I just needed a little help to get started and he was really helpful.


Math - Pre-Calculus

Nov 17, 2017
this is a great program, I found it very helpful and will definitely use it again