How Works for Employee Benefits

We make it easy to offer a convenient, safe learning experience for your employees and their families.

Online Learning Environment

Students work with tutors in a real-time interactive whiteboard where they can share assignments, chat-type and talk using VOIP or phone.

Personalized Experience

Every family has a personal, private account where they can review their tutoring and homework help sessions.

Exceptional Tutors

All of our tutors are background-checked and vetted through our comprehensive application process. We have a mix of certified teachers, professors and professionals.

Access 24/7

When students need help, tutors are online in 40 subjects and more than 50 test prep areas. No appointment necessary; just log in and we’ll connect each student to a great tutor in under two minutes average.

"I am honestly INCREDIBLY grateful that my dad's company offers this service. Without it, I would be very lost…"

- 12th grade student, writing